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Mimi is a rising force in the electronic music scene, drawing from a lifelong passion for music that recently propelled her into the spotlight. With a keen ear, Mimi weaves intricate Minimal Techno soundscapes of crispy rhythms and subtle melodies, casting a spell that resonates long after the music fades.

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Born in Porto on December 28, 1994, her taste and curiosity for the world of music began at an early age, driven by the 80s records she listened to in her father’s car.

At the age of 18 she began her professional life as a producer at Turbina Associação Cultural, where she dived into the complexities of the world of entertainment. An experience that proved to be fundamental for her growth as a professional and artist. Graduated in Audiovisual Communication Technology from ESMAE with a major in video. From then until today, she created a solid reputation as a music video director and artistic director.

In 2018 she took the DJ 101 course and, in 2019 the Audio Production course, both at Danceplanet. In the first wave of the 2020 pandemic, she had the opportunity to dedicate herself entirely to music, and since then it has become her main focus.

While all this was happening and inspired by her trips to Berlin, she decided to take her DJ career more seriously and, in February 2023, with the support of her friend and DJ, David Moreira, she intensified her practice in the art of mixing.
On an upward trajectory, she has already had the opportunity to perform in emblematic venues in Portugal, conquering both mainstream and underground audiences with her musical selections.

At the same time, Mimi is immersed in the production of her EP entitled “Starwalker”, which is being developed between Porto and Berlin.
The debut single is scheduled for release in autumn 2023, promising to further surprise listeners with his unique take on music.