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Junior Lord

Junior Lord points out that is music will be game changer in the music market.

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From a young age, he had musical influences in the family.

In 1997 he started his path in music. His Grandfather, Father and Uncle, Orchestra and Marching Band Conductors. They were his base. He participated in the band Mirim playing Metallic and Percussion instruments, his greatest interest was the backstage, always helpful and attentive in the functions of each instrument and in Stage Production.

He started in 1998 as Roadie and Production in the Family’s band “Senzala Group”. It was a success in the south of the country, and his start on the road at only 12 years of age was amazing, several shows and great experiences.

In 2000 he paused, due to his Studies and his Career in Sports as a basketball player. In 2010 his cycle as an athlete ended, and his academic training completed in Physical Education.

Then the question arose, what to do now? It was then in August 2010 that he Started a new experience, entered the Production Team DUARTE EVENTOS, in the commercial sector, acquired great proportions in career, learning. The producer had in cast artists such as: Grupo Pixote, Good taste, Fundo de Qiuntal, Katinguele, Os travessos, Sou Muleque and Samba Livre.

In 2012/13 Carlos, decided to seek new paths in his career, (Artistic Management), the group Os TRAVESSOS, was the one who sparked his interest, they were his first artist in Management.

In 2014 the singer MR DAN, parallel to this was doing the commercial part of other Artists as in 2015/2016 It emerged the proposal for commercial area of INIMIGOS at HP, in the production agency, was a happy experience in the Corporate market (Marriages and Graduations), On the other hand there was the commercial invitation at the production company Grshows, with Grupo Pixote among others. It was a great opportunity for growth in the music field.

In 2017 already with some baggage in the music market, then decided to make his dream come true, his own production company DIAS SHOWS. Since then, says Carlos, it’s been a overjoy, talking about his artists, like MR DAN, THE TRAVESSOS, JÚNIOR LORD, SOULBLACK, PROJETO LEGADO.

At the Commercial Representation in São Paulo by singer Rodriguinho, in partnership with Impacta shows.

And in 2023, Dias points out that it will be his game changer in the music market.