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Project that aims to promote employment and income-generating activities in the cultural sector of the PALOP and Timor-Leste.



The international Marimba project is already taking the first steps, resulting from the applications to PROCULTURA, an action  of the PALOP-TL and EU program, financed by the European Union, co-financed and managed by Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua, of Portugal.

This unprecedented initiative among Portuguese-speaking countries acknowledges that innovation and artistic creation are based on intangible heritage, and that its knowledge and dissemination are an essential contribution to the countries’ artistic, cultural and socio-economic development.

These “ambassadors” will have as their main function to encourage and motivate the participation of young artists as agglutinating and motivating elements, and also becoming the faces of the Marimba project to the media and the general public: Paulo Flores (Angola); Nástio Mosquito (Angola); Manecas Costa (Guinea-Bissau); Stewart Sukuma (Mozambique).

Marimba partners:

Angola’s National Radio Station;
VPA 20/20: Vision Purpose and Action, Cultural Association.

Netos do Bandim, Cultural Group.

Mano a Mano, Productions;

Khuzula Investments, Ltd;
Mozambique’s National Radio Station;
Warethwa, Cultural Association (Mozambique).

FME CE-CPLP – Federation of Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs of the CPLP.

Max Stahl Audiovisual Center (CAMSTL) (East Timor).


Marimba’s main vectors of action will be implemented through the following actions:

DIGITAL PLATFORM MARIMBA Creation of a free access platform/portal that incorporates all Marimba’s services and activities);

MARIMBA SOUNDS – Music publisher, based in Mozambique;

MARIMBA BOOKING– Booking agency and international distribution of music from PALOP-TL;

MARIMBA HERITAGE -e Program of research, study, collection and classification of musical heritage (free phonographic archive)

MARIMBA GUIDE – Guide for musicians, producers and agents from PALOP-TL;

MARIMBA ACADEMY – Training and technical qualification program;

MARIMBA CHALLENGES – Young Creators Contests;

MARIMBA GATHERING– Professional meeting and marketing event;